Women in Hip-Hop (Complete Broadcast Download)

DOPEfm celebrates International Women’s Day every year by dedicating our entire overnight’s programming to the Women in Hip-Hop.

Here is the easiest way to download DOPEfm’s Second Annual Women in Hip-Hop Special.

This zipped file will give you all 7 parts of the show as they aired on 93.3 CFMU. You can click on each part below to read the transcript and download the individual files as well.

1) Introduction and Mini-mix
2) Women in Hip-Hop Roundtable Discussion
3) Mix Set 1
4) Know Your History: Episode 27 – Michie Mee
5) An interview with DJ Betti Forde
6) Mix Set 2
7) An interview with Money Stax

Download the complete on-air broadcast

and just in case you missed it

Download the inaugural Women in Hip-Hop Spectacular from last year.