Women in Hip Hop 12 – Celebrate International Women’s Day

Every year we celebrate International Women’s Day in a big way. This will be our 12th Annual Women in Hip Hop Spectacular.

It all kicks off at 11:00 pm ET with a special edition of Word is Bond Rap Radio. It features some great music and a panel discussion with Emma Lee MC, Jeni Jones, Lisa Vazquez, and Pinqy Ring.

We also have five guest DJs, DJ Res, DJ LRNJAY, DJ Safire, DJ Hullewud, and DJ Daddy J throwing down some great mixsets.

I look closely at the year 1983 and all the female voices you could hear on record that year. There are definitely some gems here that I bet you’ve never heard before. It’s important to celebrate the roots of Hip Hop culture and to remember that women played a big role in it.

I also interview Shub Zilla and Bill Beats and talk about their collaborative projects and live shows and events.

Pretty Bulli calls in to the show as well to discuss the great music she has been making for years now.

This is going to be a great night of real Hip Hop music and talk.

These segments will air several times this month on both 94.9 fm Radio Western and 93.3 CFMU. Stay tuned for more details.

It will be podcasted here soon as well.

I hope you will tune in and celebrate International Women’s Day with us on the radio!

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