Wit’s End – The Line Between Fiction and Reality

Wit's End

Wit’s End by Karen Joy Fowler

This novel revolves around a successful author who values her privacy. She has a unique way of planning her mysteries. For each book, she builds a diorama in a doll house. This allows her to plan out the murder scene in detail. She never lets anyone see these, however.

Her detective character has spanned several books and television shows and everyone is eager for the next chapter. It had been several years since her last book.

He granddaughter comes to visit her and discovers something interesting about the books. Fans have written letters to the fiction characters, as if they were real. And to complicate things, her father is a character in one of the books. There is quite a similarity between the fictional character and her real life kin.

This book explores the relationship between fiction and reality, the way people feel about fictional characters, and how they can become a part of our lives.

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