Winterlude Ice Sculptures

These sculptures were all made out of ice for this year’s Winterlude Celebrations in Ottawa, Ontario.


This one is a Transformer. You can see the robot at the top and the car below.

Pretty cool work by Jerry Perun from Auburn, New York.

This next one is from local artist Evher Coronel.

I like how the placards give you a drawn image of the sculpture as well.

The enchanted forest.

I guess that explains the presence of Big Foot.

Benjamin Rand won a first place ribbon for this work of art.

The detail here is absolutely amazing!

It’s hard to believe that these are all made out of ice and will have melted in a few short weeks of being in the sun.

I like this piece. It’s hard to tell but it stands about eight feet in height.

Fire Fight by Gordon Matkun looks really cool on the placard.

And even more amazing in the cool, hard ice.

Just look at the detail here. The fire coming from the dragon’s mouth looks incredible as it hits the knight’s shield.

This sign tells about the mythical creature that some say actually does inhabits Okanagan Lake in British Columbia.

And here is the huge artist rendition of Ogopogo.

I hope you enjoyed this display as much as I did. It was really cool to see what can be made out of ice, a chainsaw, various tools, and a lot of time.

Great work to one and all who contributed.

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