Windsor Waterfront Trail

Windor Trail

It’s time to explore Windsor’s Riverfront Park Trail.

Mulit-use trail

The trail has a section for leisurely strolls (on the far right) and it has a paved trail for anyone who wants to roll along on skates or bicycles.

Distance Marker

I love the brilliant trail markers that let you know how far you’ve traveled!

Observation Dock

This is a nice observation dock. The waterfront here seems to be a very popular spot for fishing.  Not sure why but no one was camped out here during my run.

Paved Trail

I love running along a beautiful waterfront!

Sculpture Info

This plaque gives some of the history about the sculptures that are placed all along this 5 kilometer route.

Waterfront walkway

Isn’t it gorgeous?

Windsor Shore Line

I’m not used to seeing sights like this. I really enjoyed this trip to Windsor!

Cobblestone Path

This portion of the trail is done in stamp concrete and has plenty of benches and places to stop and rest in the shade.

Winsor Waterfront

Thanks for coming along with me on this Visual Running Tour!

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