WIB Rap Radio – Sankdafied and Speak EZ

I love getting local acts on my radio show. I have an open-door policy about it. Basically, all you need to do is to ask me and you can come by the station one night. We can do an interview, play some of your music, and kick a freestyle live on the air.

I am regularly out and about at local shows and am active on social media, so I am easy to find and connect with. So there really is no excuse, If you are an artist, you need to reach out to your community radio station.

On today’s edition of the show, Speak EZ comes by to talk about the new EP his group, Typewriters, is about to drop. He is also starting to work on some solo materiel. I can’t wait to hear both projects. These guys have a stage presence that absolutely blew me away the first time I saw them. They won me over right away with a brilliant 15 minute set at a Dirty Thursday last year.

Sankdafied is also on the program today and hearing his recorded music for the first time blew me away as well. I recognized the tunes from all the times I’ve seen him live and wsa really vibing to how great they sound on the radio. I can’t wait for his project to drop. It’s going to be really dope.

Press play and enjoy the podcast and remember to tune in live tonight at 12:00 midnight to hear the show on the radio.

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