WIB Rap Radio #332 – Power Moves

Striving to make power moves, Word is Bond Rap Radio has been rocking the airwaves for close to seven years now. And we are not about to slow down. Today’s show features 90 minutes of great hip-hop music and then Chase March closes off the show by looking at songs that strategically use rests (moments of silence) in their songs.

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Sadat X & El Da Sensei – Power Moves
Rockwilder, Erick Sermon, Method Man, and Redman – Clutch Reloaded
Gabriel Teodros – Thankful You’re Still Here
Blahzay Blahzay ft ODB – OMG
AG Da Coroner ft Ariana Cook – The Dose
Incise ft Muneshine – Quite Like It
MikeAll – Just for the Record
Jedi Mind Tricks – Uncommon Valor
Torae & Praise – Take Notes
Lupe Fiasco – King Nas
KV Beats ft AG, Reks, Percee P, and DJ Madhandz – Supreme Confidence
Mic Hands ft Sean Price – Staying Giving It Up
Sharky ft Mark Jordan – Dirty Work
Apeface – Travelling Light
Ace Clark – All In
Meet the Greens – Highsley Bros
Ngajuana – Terrible
Jake Lionheart – My Good Person
Nonchalant – Time
T-Rhymes – Start Over
Skeleton Krew – Fourth Dimension
Black Star – Definition
Nas ft AZ – Life’s a B&tch
Solar C – Access to All Lanes
Atmosphere – The World Might Not Live Through the Night
Canibus – 2nd Round Knockout
Nas – Just a Moment
Run-DMC – Peter Piper
Slick Rick & Doug E Fresh – La-Di-Da-Di
A Tribe Called Quest – Check the Rhime
Poor Righteous Teachers – Rock This Funky Joint
Black Sheep – The Choice is Yoursz
Beastie Boys – The New Style

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