Why Was This Never Released?

This is my all-time favourite Avril Lavigne song.

Why was this video never released?

Why am I only seeing it now some twelve years later?

Who cares?

It’s finally here!

I remember being part of the Avril Lavigne digital street team. I joined it as soon as I discovered her. “Complicated” was blowing up all over radio and we held a vote to see what song would be released as her second single. I picked this one. However, Skater Boi ultimately won the right to be the second single from the album.

Let Go, the debut album by Avril Lavigne is hands-down the best album of the 00 decade of the new millennium. I love it so much.

This video is pretty cool. She looks so cute in her old soccer jersey. I have a replica of the red Home Hardware one she had as a kid. I know, that makes me sound like a super-fan-girl-type-geek, but I don’t care.

Thank you so much Daniel QueImporta for uploading this on YouTube. It really made my day!

Download the video here.

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