Why The Olympics are the Best in Reality Television

I have never been a fan of reality television. Most reality shows are so contrived that they don’t even approach anything that even resembles reality. I don’t really have the patience to watch any of these shows and I don’t see how they manage to draw in so many viewers.

I have had the opportunity to watch a lot of this year’s Olympic Games, and I started drawing comparisons to the Olympics and reality television. The premise of the games is to award medals to the best athletes of the world. The competition is fierce and it makes for intriguing television.

I have been impressed with each and every athlete I have seen. Just to make it to this world stage says something, no matter what the end result may be. When athletes are separated by mere hundredths of a second or a scant few points on a scale, it really could be anyone’s game.

The reason I have thoroughly enjoyed the Olympics this year is that I’ve paid more attention to them than usual. I have watched all of the different events and I love to see all of the emotion that the athletes show.

Each and every time an athlete wins a spot on the podium, breaks a record, or puts on an amazing performance, you can just see the emotion that overcomes them. It’s amazing to see such celebration when an athlete wins. It brings a tear to my eye every time.

I love to see people feeling that good. It’s a once in a lifetime feeling for many of them and I am glad that they can share that with all of us. It really is inspiring.

I love to see how everyone seems to encourage each other as well. There is no backstabbing or theatrics like the players of reality television shows such as Survivor or Big Brother or Amazing Race. The athletes cheer each other on, congratulate each other, and even help each other when they can. The crowds cheer on athletes from other countries and teams and don’t just cheer for their own.

The Olympics show us not only what is best of the athletics but also what is best of humanity. It brings people together and it is amazing to see. It’s simply inspiring and I, for one, am sad to see that these games have concluded. I don’t want to have to wait four more years to see such amazing television again.

Congratulations to all those athletes that competed this year, to all the coaches, family, and friends that helped them achieve their goals and to all of the staff who helped to bring these games into the living rooms, bars, schools, and community centres around the world. You put on the best show that I have seen in a long time and I won’t forget it.

2 responses to “Why The Olympics are the Best in Reality Television”

  1. Hi Chase .. I too hate those negative soaps ..

    The lesson we could all learn is the amount of hours those athletes put in for their performance – the first to get selected, and secondly the performance – they've succeeded by being there – their expectations may well be higher and they may have missed out .. but perseverance pays off – even for high profilers – eg Bode Miller.

    You won't have to wait four years – we'll do our best in 2.5 years?!

    Have a good week .. Hilary

  2. Hi Hilary,

    I will be watching the summer games when you host them as well. I really enjoy the Olympics. I think it is a much better event than the Superbowl or the Grey Cup.

    As far as I'm concerned everyone who attended and performed is a winner. Those athletes really gave us a great show, and inspired all of us.

    They really did teach us a lot.