Why I Write This and How

I am really enjoying writing this blog and posting entries. My goal is to write entries every day and to take the weekends off. I will try to keep that schedule up if I can. I apologize for not getting an entry up yesterday.

I don’t have the Internet at home. I don’t think I need it. I actually think it might slow down my writing a bit. I am writing on a very old and outdated computer. It has a word processor on it and that is about all it is good for. If it had more bells and whistles, exploring cyberspace and various other features available might fracture my time. So I check my email and maintain my website from school. I usually go in early in the mornings and do these things. I write this blog at home on my computer, save it to my thumb drive and bring that into school. I then cut and paste the entry from word to the blogger. It is a system that I find really works for me.

I sometimes get inspired and write more than one entry a night. Right now I have six entries typed out waiting to be posted. I like to write a few entries ahead for a few reasons. First, it gives me a chance to look at the entry again in the morning before I post it. Secondly, it allows me to take some time off if I need to. Lastly, it saves me time because I don’t have to write it while I am online.

So days when school gets cancelled, or days when I am sick you probably won’t see an entry from me. Since I don’t have the Internet at home, I need to rely on the connection at school. And of course, every now and then the school’s Internet goes down. It is always something.

The one thing I do like about writing my blog like this is that I have a saved version of all my posts in MS Word. I am even able to print out a hard copy for prosperity. This way, if heaven forbid, the World Wide Web crashes, my words will live on. I think that is the dream of ever writer to have their words live on. One way or the other, that will happen for me.

2 responses to “Why I Write This and How”

  1. Stream of consciousness. I get you. I think that writers need to edit their work. We can’t totally rely of our stream of consciousness. It is a good tool.

    The thing I don’t like though is the informal way the internet has with written language. I think we need to write proper sentences with good spelling and punctuation. So I do think a blog should be treated like a newspaper and follow the established literary conventions.