Why Blogs Suck

Last week when I was at the university for the radio show, I picked up a copy of the student newspaper. I haven’t read it in quite some time. Truth is, I used to write for it way back when.

I read almost through the entire publication. It’s still just as an interesting read as it was back when I was still in my undergrad. The paper hasn’t changed much, and surprisingly, the student voice still seems familiar to me.

Anyway, I found an interesting column by Sarah El-Hamzawi. In it, she discusses why blogs suck. I really got a kick out of her viewpoint and I agree with most of it. It might be strange for a blogger to actually say that, but she even admits to blogging. So here goes, the condensed version of her article.

Why Blogs Suck

1) It makes anyone an expert.

2) They are killing off the pen to paper means of writing.

Remember when you had a real journal and not a “live” one?

3) I can’t escape them.

Those are all good reasons Sarah. I agree with them and I have much of the same gripes about the whole thing that you do.

Anyway, go read her column f.u.b.a.r. I think I will be checking for that every week now.