Who Has The Best Traffic Lights?

Traffic lights seem to vary from region to region. I don’t why this is the case. I think the design of them is so much better here in my province but perhaps it’s just that I am accustomed to them being this way.

Let’s look at a few different designs I have come across.

This one seems to be popular in the United States. I can see how it takes little in the way of materials to put up. It is suspended on a wire and serves every direction of the intersection. As such, I’m sure it’s cost efficient.

The problem I find with this design is that if there is a strong wind, the traffic light can bounce around or be pushed back on an angle so that it is difficult to see.

I came across this one last week during my trip to Winterlude. Quite a few of the events were held in the province of Quebec. It’s amazing that all you need to do is simply cross a bridge and end up in a completely different world. All of the signs are in French and their traffic lights seem to be mounted sideways.

The problem is see with this design is that it relies mostly on colour. You can tell what colour the light is from the top example by colour and position a bit easier, I think.

This is the design I am most familiar with. I like how the traffic signal is mounted on an arm and not just a wire. I like how the lights are lined up vertically with red on the top and green on the bottom.

So what do you think?

Are the traffic lights different where you live?

Which design do you like best?

Or should we try to get rid of them and replace them with these, which seems to be the new trend in suburb areas?

I don’t know if I like roundabouts either. I think I much prefer the regular vertically mounted traffic lights.

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