White Oaks Skatepark – London, ON

I really didn’t think I’d get the chance to skateboard during the Christmas holiday break. But due to warmer than season temperatures and nice weather, I found myself at the newly redesigned White Oaks Skatepark.

White Oaks Optimist Park

It’s really close to the mall of the same name and a great place to skate.

White Oaks Skatepark

The park is a nice size and has a great flow to it.

White Oaks quarter-pipe

This quarter-pipe lets you launch towards two different sections of the park. It is a little steep for my liking but well-designed nonetheless.

White Oaks Stairs

Nice stairs and down-ramps. I like the three stairs to ramp portion!

White Oaks box

There is a series of boxes and edges to do grinds and other tricks on spread out throughout the park.

White Oaks Spine

This is quite typical for the middle obstacle at outdoor skateparks.

White Oaks skatepark 2

I had a great time skating here last week and will definitely be coming back soon.

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