Where Did the Words Go

Poem - Where Did the Words Go

Where did the words go?
I can’t remember the last time
I actually wrote something
longer than a sentence or two
on a social media post
or a note to my spouse.

When did my poetry slip away?
I used to need it.
To put words down on paper
was not just a release
but a chance to explore
my thoughts, feelings,
and things I’ve yet to figure out.

Do I know less now?
I thoughts with age,
wisdom would come.
Maybe I knew more in the past
but didn’t have the context
so it atrophied and disappeared.
If I could’ve held on,
it would’ve become clear
and I’d be a smarter man.

I try to keep my childhood
curiosity, energy, and creativity alive
but it’s hard not to be
a big kid in adult clothes
so I move on, handle responsibility
and write less, considerably.
I guess that’s where the words go.
I just don’t want them to be hidden though.