Where are the Parents?

It’s a huge responsibility teaching the youth, and one that I don’t take lightly. I spend a lot of my own time and money on the classroom. I choose to do that. I try my best to reach every student in a meaningful and positive way. However, I can’t do this job on my own.

Think of education as a three legged stool. Each leg is a vital component of the stool. If any leg failed to do their job and did not cooperate together, the stool would fall down and it would be useless. A tripod cannot stand with one leg alone.

The three legs are, in no particular order are; the teacher, the student, and the home. The teacher is responsible for educating the student at school, for making sure that the student understands the work, and does his or her best. The student has the very important job of learning and trying his or her best. If the student refuses to learn, the stool falls down and the teacher can do nothing to restore the balance.

The final component, and the one most often overlooked, is the home. Students need a supportive atmosphere at home. The parents need to be involved. I know my parents were involved in my education. They made sure that I did my homework. If the school called because of any bad behaviour, I was punished at home for it. My parents supported my teachers, they made sure I had books at home, they read to me, and did countless other things that I probably am not even completely aware of. I want them to know that I appreciate it.

As a teacher I get discouraged when I see that the lack of parental involvement in any of my students’ lives. It is sad. And unfortunately it seems that a majority of parents rely completely on the schools to educate their children. They blame teachers and don’t realize that they are equally to blame. I don’t know why but the parents that seem to be concerned about their child’s education are few and far between. My question is, where are the parents?