What to Watch . . . What to Watch?

what to watch

Have you ever spent thirty minutes or longer scrolling through the available titles on Netflix or other streaming platforms? Have you walked away from the experience still not knowing what to watch?

It can be daunting choosing a program amongst the hundreds of possibilities. You don’t want to waste your time, but how can you find something good. Without commercials or a TV Guide, how do you find something good?

Probably one of the best ways is to ask your friends what they are enjoying. We’re friends, right? Here are a few of the shows I’ve enjoyed recently.

Russian Doll

This one is strange but oddly compelling. It is about a woman who dies at her 36th birthday party, only to wake up at the same party earlier that night. This happens again and again. I really can’t give you any further details of the story without spoiling it. I laughed out loud several times and the ending was brilliant. The episodes are all around the half hour mark and there are only eight of them, so the commitment is small for this one, and it pays off big.


This is not the Teen Titans that you know from the animated series or feature film that came out last year. If you are unfamiliar with the super-hero team but enjoy Batman or Gotham this series is for you. It centres around Robin, who has severed his ties with Batman and fights crime alone at night as a vigilante and by day as a cop. A teenager seeks his help and he becomes the leader of a group of super-powered teens.

The series is really dark but offers a huge world of heroes. This is DC’s take on what Marvel has done with its movies and TV series. There are all sorts of characters, cities, and special guests turning up.

I really enjoyed watching it but hated that we didn’t get closer at the end of the season. Cliffhanger alert!

Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

This is a documentary about Fred Rogers and how we created one of the best television shows for children. Mr Roger’s Neighborhood went against many of the facets of television at the time, but it thrived. It might have even single-handedly saved public television. It really was inspiring to see.

What are you watching?

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