What a Night for Music!

Yesterday was the day for music television. I rushed home from work to see the hip hop battle on 106 and Park. 50 Cent and Kayne West both came off as real down to life guys. It felt like a copout though when they announced the number 1 video at the end of the show and they called it a tie. I guess we will have to wait and see who pulls in the most sales at the end of the week.

Kayne always manages to impress me. His new song “Big Brother” was awe-inspiring. He did a great job holding down the stage as well. I really hope that he sells well.

50 Cent actually surprised me last night. He comes off as extremely likable. His new video had a smooth groove and a different vibe than what I would’ve expected. That being said, his breath control and delivery when he is performing cannot compare to Kayne. Kayne sounds the same on record as he does on stage. That is an important aspect of performing. In that sense, Kayne wins hands down.

I spent the rest of the night watching music television. I flipped around from Much Music to Much Vibe to Canadian Idol. Normally I wouldn’t bother with any of the Idol shows but this one was different. I wanted to watch this final battle between two talented performers for one reason. Brian Melo is from Hamilton. I had to cheer on the home team.

I hadn’t watched an episode all season but you can’t live here in Hamilton without knowing about Brian Melo. The whole town seems to be behind him. Hamilton Place, a concert hall, was full of people watching the show with baited breath. I flipped around a lot, watching music videos on other networks, but I always came back. I really like the fact that they had Avril Lavigne performing two of her new songs on the show too. I love Avril!

So my night was full of music television and it was great. It came to a great end too as the Hamilton boy, Brian Melo, made us all proud by taking the title of Canadian Idol. Way to go Brian! Let’s hear it for my hometown. Hamilton rocks!

2 responses to “What a Night for Music!”

  1. I remember when someone from my home town won Canadian Idol. The papers were going crazy, and it was all over the news. So many fans in all parts of the nation. S

  2. My town is going crazy over “Our Idol” as well. It is nice to see the city united over something. You can almost feel a new energy here. It’s nice!