What is This?

It seems that he has lost what was left of his sanity. Saneness is in the mind of the beholder. Little voice in one’s head may be dismissed as Cacophony. Phooey-phooey, you may say. Or you did say if you are reading aloud. Sunglasses worn over top of your hat are cool. Life is … too long … too short … too simple … too complicated. I can’t fathom any meaning.

A green book in spiral formation is this thing. Things are everywhere. Everything is everywhere. Records noted. A thought unrecorded is often a thought lost. Messy scribbles recorded that can’t be read are a lost thought. DON’T LOSE ‘EM

Geez this is weird. I thought so myself. Once or twice. Sentence fragment. Uncomplete thought WHO CARES This is My Book.

Peanuts may be salted. They are also victims if they have been assaulted. Vacations are too infrequent. Leave your mind once in a while. Legally of course. No irony. Don’t read between the lines unless I write like this

There is more!

Well that was it, the first page of my attempt at writing a book to explain everything about the world. I was so sure I had it all figured out back then. I remember having such grand plans for Silent Cacophony.

The original book I am typing up and sharing this week resembles this blog in quite a few ways. First off, I write short entries in it. Secondly, I delve into a number of topics. And third, you can tell I was having fun with it. There’s humour in nearly every page. I will admit it is a bit weird. But next week I will be back to blogging as usual. Don’t worry. Just enjoy this bizarre ride.


4 responses to “What is This?”

  1. Hi Chase,

    This is great. I like the part “Messy scribbles recorded that can’t be read are a lost thought”. That was very insightful of you. It’s also a good reminder to the rest of us to never assume we’ll remember what we meant, i.e.,take time and write a little neater.

  2. I always thought writing was a way to preserve memories.

    My journals are like photo albums because I can look back and get a picture of what I was like then in my head.

    In fact, I think writing is better than pictures because the written word is worth a thousand pictures. (See how I flipped that saying?)

  3. Hi Chase.

    I liked the part where you said “Don’t read between the lines, unless I write like”; with the strikethrough on the last part.

  4. Hi Davina,

    In my notebook I actually wrote that entire sentence right over the lines instead of writing it on the spaces. I was surprised at how easily I was able to transfer it to online text. The strikethrough was perfect!