The What-if Activity

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“Ask your students this question:

What would you do if someone gave you a hundred dollars?  

If you’re doing this with teenagers, make the amount a thousand dollars.

Ask them to write down their answers so that you can discuss them.

Here are some questions to guide that conversation:

  • Did you decide to use the money all for yourself or did you use any of the money for someone else?
  • Did you decide to save any of the money?
  • Would you spend it on things you need or things you want?
  • Was the imaginary amount enough or did you find yourself wanting more?”

The above activity was taken from the book “No: Why Kids of All Ages Need to Hear it” by David Walsh, PhD.

In this book, Walsh highlights the “save, spend, share” methodology that Nathan Dungan suggests. They believe that by giving our kids the opportunity to share we are providing them a “potent antidote to the cultural messages that promote a ‘me first’ attitude.”

This book was quite an interesting read and although it was aimed at parents, I think teachers can get a lot out of it too.

As always, if you have a teaching tip you would like to share, don’t hesitate to contact me or leave a comment below. Teachers helping teachers is what this is all about.

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