What Happened to the Beach?

What happened to the beach? This used to be a great place to sit in the shade.

This grouping of trees was meters away from the water and up a small hill.

Here’s an old picture of it from my blog archive. It was the only one I could find. You can see that it is quite a distance away from the water.

It seems that the city is trying to stop the beach from eroding away completely. This retaining wall is new. But you can see, the big tree wasn’t the only one that had to go.

Even the steps to the beach have been raised. Hopefully they work on getting them a little more sturdy. That bottom step is a bit treacherous.

This beam used to be above the water and people would walk out on it like a tightrope and jump off of it into the water. Now, it is completely under the water.


It’s still a beautiful beach and only minutes away from my home. I hope it doesn’t completely erode away.