We Don’t Buy Those

I’m at the grocery store in the cookie aisle. I pick up some cookies and put them into my basket.
Just then, a father pushes his daughter down the aisle. She’s sitting in the shopping cart and she sees me picking out my cookies. She happily exclaims, “Cookies!”

Her father says doesn’t even slow the cart down. He replies to her, “We don’t buy those.”

It’s hard to explain what ran through my head just then. It almost felt like I was doing something wrong.
Why shouldn’t I buy cookies, I said to myself.
I wondered if I was being a bad role model to this little girl whom I had never met before.
I wondered if it was because I had picked up the no-name brand.
I then heard her dad say to her, “We make our own.”
Okay, good, I think to myself. Everyone should have cookies.

2 responses to “We Don’t Buy Those”

  1. Hi Sliverfish,

    There used to a blog that I quite enjoyed that posted up real-life moments just like this one. She hasn't posted anything new in quite some time though.

    I don't usually overhear things that would make good blog stories. But maybe I just don't pay enough attention. Still though, this story is cute and I'm glad you enjoyed it.