We Both Lost

Yesterday, I went to go get gas at Canadian Tire. One of the bonuses of going there is that if you pay with cash, you get Canadian Tire money to use in the store. Last time I went there, I forgot that and paid with my Visa. Well this time, I wasn’t going to forget. I had just enough money in my wallet to fill up and I didn’t want to use plastic to pay at all. I’m trying to cut down on that.

I tried to get gas as I usually do. Normally, you fill up and then walk inside the store to pay. That is the way it should be. But for some reason, the pump wouldn’t start up. It beeped at me instead, and the display read, “Sorry for the inconvenience, please pay inside.”

I went inside to pay and there were five people in front of me and only one teller. The line wasn’t moving at all. I paced around for about ten seconds and knew that this just wasn’t worth it. So I left. I went back out to my car, took the nozzle out of my tank and hung it back on the pump. I drove away without getting any gas.

Canadian Tire has lost a costumer. I don’t have time to go in and prepay for my gas. What happens if I pay too much? I have to go back inside and wait in line again to get my change. What if I pay too little and don’t get my tank filled up? I’d have to come back tomorrow and do it again. I don’t think so.

I lost too because I went to the Mac’s and filled up there. I had to pay a cent more a litre but at least it was worth it to go some place that treats me like a human being.

I shouldn’t just blame Canadian Tire. I have seen other gas stations move to this way of business too. The problem is that we accept it. Some people just pay at the pumps now because it’s easier. I don’t like paying at the pump. I don’t think we should have to put up with this.

I know that some people have driven away without paying. But does everyone have to pay for this behaviour? And how often does this actually happen? I just don’t like being treated like a criminal from gas stations that I frequent and give a lot of my hard earned money too. It’s just not right.

2 responses to “We Both Lost”

  1. HI Chase – I’ve been to gas stations where I had to prepay, and if I wanted to fill it up, I would have to guess. Of course I couldn’t guess the exact amount so then I would have to go back into the store and get my change. It’s a hassle but for some reason they deem it “convenient”.

  2. Hi Barbara,

    It just goes to show that they don’t trust their customers. Why would I want to give my money to a business with such practises?

    I just hope they all don’t do this. At least right now I have an option, even if it costs me a few extra dollars every fill up.