Watchmen Works

Watchmen is one of the best graphic novels ever created. It is a stand-alone work of art that really doesn’t need a sequel, movie, or television show. In fact, the creators were so opposed to the movie version a few years back that one of them asked for his name to be removed from the credits entirely. The film did its best to pay respects to the source material. They recreated some of the panels exactly on film. It was unreal how accurate they were. But the film was ultimately lacking in something.

When a new television show was announced last year, I had zero interest in watching it. I planned to avoid it entirely, but a few things happened to change my mind. First, it received tons of positive reviews online. People were even happy with the ending. My buddy Calvin from the Canadian Cave of Cool, told me that I would not be disappointed in it and that it respected the source material. Even Former-President Obama listed it on his favourite TV shows of 2019.

So, I gave it a chance. The nine episode mini-series was really well done. It had an arc to it that completed the story in a way that I never knew I wanted. Much like the original graphic novel, this one stands on its own. But it is better if you are intimately familiar with the original book.

Last week, it was announced that they will not be pursuing a second season. I think this is a great idea. The world of Watchmen has been visited in its original story, a Hollywood film, new comic adventures, and now a television show. I only read one DC comic that started to introduce the characters into that realm and I really don’t care to read any more.

I think it is best to leave the world of Watchmen alone now. The book is amazing, the movie was okay, and the TV show was great. That is probably enough.