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Watch Robery J Sawyer

Watch by Robert J. Sawyer

This is the second book in the www trilogy.

In the first book, an artificial intelligence emerges within the World Wide Web. At first, this intelligence  doesn’t know anything about itself or the outside world. A teenage girl stumbles across its existence and helps it learn and grow. The intelligence gives itself the name, Webmind, and both Caitlin and her family declare that this is more than a computer program.

Unfortunately, WATCH, a secret government agency that deals with online threats, learns of Webmind’s existence and is determined to shut it down.  Even though Webmind has only helped people and has made no threatening moves, they fear it will do more unless they shut it down before it grows ever more powerful.

This is a great tale that focuses on the teenage character of Caitlin Decter and her family. It is science fiction that seems incredibly real. Caitlin even reads 1984 in her English class and they discuss how Webmind could become an evil entity like Big Brother. Caitlin can’t believe that will ever happen though. He is shown nothing but kindness and is striving to learn all he can about humanity. Their connection is what is important in this tale.

I can’t wait to start reading the conclusion to this trilogy, Wonder!

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