Warwick Conservation Area

Warwick Conservation Area

I found myself near Warwick, Ontario so I decided to see what the conservation area had to offer.

Blue Flag Trail

I started my run on The Blue Flag trail, not knowing exactly what to expect. But that is half of the fun!

Blue Trail

It wasn’t long before this trail reached the perimeter fence.

Perimeter Trail

There is camping at this park as well. It’s way out of season though. It definitely was a cold day to be running.

Warwick Road

I didn’t want my run to be over so I continued to run down the main road.

Viewing Deck 1

There were two nice viewing platforms by the lake.

Viewing Platform

This would be a great place for a picnic (on a much warmer day, of course)

White Pine Trail

The White Pine Trail was more of what I was expecting when I decided to come visit this place. But unfortunately, it was less than a kilometer in length as well.

Warwick 062

I had to go back and run the first trail again today to get my 5 kilometers in today. But when you explore trails at random like this, you never know what you are going to get.

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