Warbler Woods Visual Tour

Are you ready for a visual tour of Warbler Woods?

Good, because I laced up my running shoes, grabbed my camera, and got out for a nice trail run.

Entrances to nature trails often have a tight fence like this one. They are meant to stop dirt bikes, ATVs, and snowmobiles from tearing up the site.

It was such a beautiful autumn day in London, Ontario. I’m so glad that I could get out and enjoy it.

Here is some information about the trail. I always love to see signs like this posted along the route.

Warbler Woods, named for the uncommon Golden-winged Warbler that once nested in the area, has been a favourite birding spot over the last one hundred years. 

It covers the eastern slope of a steep hill at the western end of the Ingersoll Moraine. The moraine is a mix of silt, sand and stony soil (till) that was deposited by a melting glacier about 13,000 years ago. In places silt and clay layers from glacial Lake London cover these deposits. The hillside has been eroded by creeks and mudslides, forming steep slopes and ravines.*

This trail is definitely a challenging one. It is almost hill after hill. I so love it!

There was a slight breeze that rustled the trees every now and then. I wish I had a better camera because it was literally raining leaves. I so would have loved to catch that better on film (uh, I mean digital print)

I’m not sure why this concrete post is here in the middle of the woods. Any ideas?

I’m not much of a bird-watcher. Instead, I tear through the trails at a pace of about 1 kilometre ever four minutes.

I did hear a few woodpeckers though. As much as I tried to see them, I could not.

There aren’t too many things that are  better than a quiet trail run at this time of year. I love the changing colours of the forest, all the leaves underfoot, and the shower of leaves all around me. 

Well, that’s it. I hope you enjoyed this visual tour of my run because I enjoyed bringing it to you.

This was an amazing run!

* Information was taken from The Upper Thames River Conservation Authority website – http://www.thamesriver.on.ca/wetlands_and_natural_areas/warbler.htm

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3 responses to “Warbler Woods Visual Tour”

  1. Hi Chase .. loved this tour .. all of them! But the colours, and your expression of the rain of leaves around you .. & the info on Lake London from the glacial age .. interesting.

    The concrete post ..no idea – the City of London isn't north from there is it? That's what it looks like .. or look to the stars ..

    Who knows – a talking point .. have a good weekend .. Hilary