Walpole Island Skatepark

Let’s go explore the skatepark at Walpole Island First Nation.

Walpole Island Skatepark

It’s one of the first things you see when you drive over the bridge and enter the reservation.

WI Block

There are all sorts of ledges to grind.

WI Ledge

The quarter pipe is a little taller than I would like it to be. This park is made for advanced skaters though.

WI quarter pipe

I love the political graffiti on it.

run 014

It says “Idle No More” and has a picture of a turtle on it which brings up the image of Turtle Island, an important creation story in First Nation Culture.

WI rail

It has a traditional rail to grind on,

WI ramp 2

stairs with a rail to jump or grind,

WI Ramp

and several launch ramps.

WI spine

I really enjoyed skating here yesterday afternoon and will definitely skate this park again when I am in the area next.

Hope to see you there!

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