Voice of the Body

Mind BodyRight now I am reading a book with the subtitle of “Writing from Your Authentic Wildness” by Judy Reeves and I decided to try one the explorations she suggested.

Here is a dialogue between myself and my body.

Voice of the Body

Body: Enough is enough.

Chase: I know.

Body: Pale words my friend. Pale words.

Chase: I’m gonna start getting more active again now that it’s spring.

Body: It’s already April and you haven’t started yet.

Chase: There’s still snow on the ground.

Body: Good! Go tobogganing. Pull your kids around or some of the neighbours. Get out and get active!

Chase: It has been a slow winter for stuff like that, Not sure why. Running season is almost here though.

Body: Other people run all winter long. Those who don’t do it outside go to the gym track or use a treadmill.

Chase: I need a trail to run. I can’t run in a gym.

Body: How about a sport then? Your girlfriend is in a volleyball league. You could do something like that?

Chase: I’m gonna start running again next week. And skateboard season is back on..

Body: Aren’t you getting a bit old for that? I still ache from when you wiped out at Christmas time.

Chase: I refuse to get old!

Body: Oh, I know, which brings up the subject of junk food! You can’t keep eating like you’re a kid either.

Chase: Hey, I eat okay, for the most part.

Body: Three words – Popcorn.for.dinner!

Chase: Only occasionally . . . but you’re right, okay? But remember the salad I had for lunch today?

Body: Of course I do, I was practically shocked! Can’t remember the last time you had veggies.

Chase: It’s not that bad, is it?

Body: Come on!

Chase: Alright, I know I can take better care of you. And I will. In fact, I’m gonna go play some hacky sac right now.

Body: That-a-boy!

Chase: Alright, take care!

Body: No, you take care! It’s your body and your responsibility.

Chase: Right, I sometimes forget and just expect you to be there. Sorry, I’ll do better.

Body: You’d better. See what I did there?

Chase: You’re hilarious! Come on, let’s go work!

That was fun!

Why not try writing your own “Voice of the Body?” You might learn something interesting about yourself. And if this peaked your curiosity about this book, stay to tuned for an upcoming review post!

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