A Visual Tour of Lambeth Centennial Park

Lambeth is a small town just south of London, Ontario.

Today, we will be going on a Photographic Tour of Lambeth Centennial Park.

This park really is something different. It has unique playground equipment including this skateboarding type ride. You stand on the black platform, hold on to the handle and swing yourself to the left and to the right to simulate riding a skateboard on a half pipe.

There is a nice trail that runs along a soccer field. There is also an arena and a public library on the grounds.

The trail then heads across a small ravine.

I love this long bridge. It turns at sharp angles and doesn’t resemble any other bridge I’ve come across in any of my trail runs.

These photos are from earlier this summer. This is usually just a small stream.

You can see how much rain we had earlier this summer. The entire forest floor was flooded.

The trail opens up and we can see all sorts of plant life around us.

This little pond is very peaceful. If you follow the trail past it, you will come upon the suburbs. You can run around the block and back through the Royal Canadian Legion to make this a decent sized running route.

I hope you have enjoyed this visual tour.

Photography by Dana Gill

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2 responses to “A Visual Tour of Lambeth Centennial Park”

  1. Hi Chase .. what an amazing trail – looks beautiful and so much going on – wildlife, flora and fauna etc .. and as you say the bridge – being able to be above and look down, or be a part of the taller plants .. we can really feel we're a part of nature.

    Thanks – fun to see .. cheers Hilary

  2. Hi Hilary,

    It really is a nice spot with so many things to see and do. And although, it's not the best running trail in town, I really do love it there.