Visual Tour of The Dundas Valley Trail

I love exploring new places to run and bringing my camera along with me for the trek. This time I decided to go to Ancaster and run along parts of the Dundas Valley. I hope you enjoy this visual tour of my trail run. 

I started off walking. I was just getting my camera strap adjusted to my wrist. I wanted to take a picture of the trail sign. But before I got close enough to do so, five deer darted across the path.

I kicked myself for not having a better camera. I don’t have a zoom lens, and I couldn’t get a clear picture of the deer before they disappeared into the bush. However, if you look closely you can see a few of them in this shot.

There are several ways to access the abundant trails of the Dundas Valley.

This trail is really beautiful. I love how this meandering stream runs alongside the path.

I like this shot because of the different colours, the stream alongside the trail, and the leaves scattered alongside the trail.

This is one of a few bridges along the way. I had to stop here, quickly snap a picture, and resume my quick pace down the trail.

I ended up running along three different trails today. They are nicely marked with these signs.

All in all, I took about 30 photographs during my trail run through Dundas Valley. I hope that you’ve enjoyed this visual tour. For more just like it, click on the link below.

I hope you have a great weekend and get out there to enjoy the beautiful autumn weather. Oh, and don’t forget to set your clocks back tonight as Daylight Savings Time comes to an end for the season. Cheers!

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One response to “Visual Tour of The Dundas Valley Trail”

  1. Hi Chase .. love the pictures and the trail – the autumn colours are certainly beautiful & I know Canada has spectacular vistas at this time of year.

    Mum and I went to Wales one year .. and that was fantastic going through the valleys and forests with lakes around us ..

    I can see your deer – just!

    Fortunately our clocks went back the weekend before – so I've done mine!

    Never quite know when yours go forwards or back .. always slightly out of kilter of ours ..

    Thanks – as it's tipping it down with rain and wind here .. the colours are cheering me up! Enjoy the week .. Hilary