Visual Tour Clark Wright C.A.

I love finding new places to go for a trail run. It’s fun to bring my camera along with me to present these Visual Tours as well. I’ve been running for months already this year but I have been hitting the same trails I shared with you already. That was until early this week when I discovered Clark Wright Conservation Area.

“This 20 hectare site, donated by Mr. Clark Wright, includes nature trails through lans that have been reforested over the past 40 years. The conservaion area is a diverse site with forest, meadow, wetlands, and ponds, making it an excellent place for bird watching. Many of the trees were planted as part of the Memorial Forest program of the Saint Clair Regionb Coservation Foundation.” – from The Walking Trails of Middlesex County

Here is a memorial stone for J.G. Clark Wright (1905  – 1990)

The red line on this map shows the trails that I ran through.

I wasn’t so sure about this run when I started off on this grass trail.

But then it opened up to this boardwalk.

Here’s the type of trail I love to run. It give me a chance to commune with nature. I love finding spaces like this that remove you from the hustle and bustle of city life. Places where the sounds of civilization fade away.

Oh no! I don’t have a backpack or a walking stick. I’m also completely by myself. Am I doing something wrong? What’s this sign trying to tell me?

Oh yeah, it just means I’m on the hiking trail.

I had to stop here and admire the little stream and pond.

But only for long enough to snap a few pictures, and then I was off running again.

After all, the trail was calling, quite literally.

Well, that was my run.

The course was a little short with only 1.9 kilometers worth of trail but I ran through them all twice to get my 5 kms in. It was also a flat course but it was nice and quiet and offered some different surfaces from grass to boardwalk to dirt trail.

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