“Softly falls the light of day
as my campfire fades away.
Silently each cub should ask,
Have I done my daily task?
have I kept my cub laws true?
taught to me by old Baloo
Always try to do my best,
God grant me a quiet rest.”

We sang this song at the end of every Cub Scout meeting.

The Cub Scout program is loosely based on The Jungle Book. The leaders all take on names from that famous work. If you have seen the Disney Cartoon, you will know that Baloo is a bear and he teaches Mowgli the laws of the jungle.

I learned a lot in the Scouting Organization. Many of those lessons carry on with me today. I also try my best to work in some of those great lessons into my classroom. In fact, I am convinced that had I not joined scouts as a youth that I would not have found my calling as a teacher.

I like that this song encourages us all to try our best everyday no matter what. It reminds us that we all have daily tasks, even as children. I think that children need responsibility and need to work hard at something.

I worked hard to earn badges and live up to the Scout Law,

“A Scout is:

Helpful and trustworthy,
Kind and cheerful,
Considerate and clean,
Wise in the use of his resources.”

These are great lessons that I think anyone can take something from. I like how they are easy to understand for children and easy to live up to (with a little effort and dedication – that is)

Words to live by, that’s for sure.