Ultra Beast (4-Ize & Senor Kaos) on Word is Bond

Episode 485 of Word is Bond Rap Radio features an in-depth and exclusive interview with Ultra Beast. 4-ize and Senor Kaos break down the science behind their group name, talk about the creative process, and look at why we might not be getting smarter as a people these days.

It was a blast finally getting them on the program. You’ve heard their music plenty of times here on the show.

We then close out the broadcast this week with two live performances that were recorded at Old East 765 in London, Ontario.

So without further ado, let’s get into it.

Chase March & Unlearn – Word is Bond Theme
Alfred Banks & Sedrick Avenue – Claimed
Jon Corbin – Back to Basics
Stezo ft Edo.G, Craig G, and Masta Ace – Psychopathic Maniac
Lil Simz – Inrovert
Blak Madeen ft Chuck D & El Da Sensei – Takin You to School
The Dream Sequence – Free Mind
Anta & DW Underground – Rhyme 4 Life Allstars
The Good People ft Rasheed Chappell – Different Moves
Creatures of Habit – The Devils Hands
Ultra Beast ft A.F.R.O. – Push
4-Ize ft Talib Kweli, StaHHr, Number 2, and Senor Kaos – Stay Ignorant
MF DOOM ft 4-Ize and StaHHr – Guinesses
Ultra Beast – Cut From the Team
Ultra Beast – Dinosaurs for Breakfast
Ultra Beast ft Punchline & Wordsworth and Number 2 – Animal House
Senor Kaos & Illastrate ft 4-Ize – On Won
Common ft Black Thought & Seun Kuti – When We Move
Willy Waze – B1
Luke Garrett – On Lock (Live)
Luke Garrett – Sleeve (Live)
Luke Garrett – Bills to Pay (Live)
Luke Garrett – Above (Live)
Luke Garrett – Psalms (Live)
Big Lou – As a Crew (Live)
Big Lou – Do It Again (Live)
Big Lou – Tayrona (Live)

Thanks for listening!

Original Air Date – Thursday September 9, 2021

Live Concert Portion – Friday August 6, 2021

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