Twelve Doctors of Christmas

Doctor Who: Twelve Doctors of Christmas

This a a collection of short stories featuring each of the first twelve Doctors. Every story is accompanied with a full-page piece of art that beautifully captures the essence of the tale.

I appreciated taking another trip in the TARDIS with some of my favourite Doctor / Companion teams. In the first tale, the Doctor wasn’t able to bring Ian and Barbara home for Christmas. They were really looking forward to celebrating the holiday at home, but will still get a good celebration with the Doctor even if some of the elements are a little off.

The Third Doctor runs into Jackie Tyler and she immediately recognizes him, but he has no idea who she is. It was kind of cool to see how this incarnation of the Doctor just missed his later self, the Tenth Doctor.

The Doctor’s granddaughter even makes an appearance in one of the stories and it is extremely heartwarming.

This is as great collection of short stories that will fill you with the Christmas spirit.

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