I am lucky enough to live a few blocks away from a branch of the public library. It certainly came in handy last week during the huge snowstorm. School was cancelled and I wasn’t going to drive anywhere.

I felt like I needed the break and I just wanted to relax and watch some television.

I only get a few channels on my rabbit ears and daytime programming leaves much to be desired. I have a few DVDs but not many. So I bundled up and took a stroll to the library.

I like to browse through the DVDs at the library.

A month or so ago I noticed that they started to carry some television series. I already own a few of my favourites but it is nice to be able to watch some other shows now without having to buy them.

There is one series in particular that I have wanted to watch for a while. I used to watch the old series with my dad a long time ago. I watched the reworked mini-series on television a few years ago and it was pretty good. But then I got rid of my cable and only managed to watch a few episodes of season one.

So when I saw Battlestar Galactica 2.0 on the shelf, I got really excited. I knew that I’d be missing a bit of the story line but I figured I’d be able to catch up and enjoy the DVD collection. The cool thing was that every episode started with a small recap of what had already happened in the series. It was easy to catch up on and enjoy.

I must say, the second season was awesome. The only bad thing was that it is continued on another DVD set, Season 2.5. I tell ya, I’m hungry for more. I can’t wait until the next half of the season is available so I can watch it.

I’ve heard good things about this series for a while now. I’m just glad that I’ll be able to watch it all now, even without cable. It just might take me a while to track down all the other discs to borrow. But I will. I just don’t want to wait. When I find something I like, I can tend to get a bit obsessed about it.