Tulip Tree Trail at Rondeau Provincial Park

Let’s head back to Rondeau Provincial Park for another Visual Running Tour.

Today we will be exploring the Tulip Tree Trail.

This trail starts right beside the Visitor Centre. Before you decide to hike it or go for a run, make sure you go inside to the store to buy a trail guide.

There are numbered markers throughout this path and these correspond to the page number of the trail guide.

You can learn all about the history and natural formation of this park. It is well worth the dollar they will charge you.

The trail guide is also available as a free podcast that you might want to download before exploring this this trail. It would be like having your very own trail guide with you each step of the way.

The trail actually starts right at the beach.

There are several beach areas at Rondeau. This one is the furthest away from the campsites but well worth jumping in the car for.

I like this beach because it’s a little bit wider and the water gets deeper quicker.

The beaches close to the campsites are shallow, so this is the place to go if you are a serious swimmer.

This trail has several boardwalks throughout it but they are very accessible. You can even get an all-terrain wheelchair from the Visitor’s Centre if you need it.

While this trail is only a kilometer long, it does hook up to the Harrison Trail, an old roadway that spans the length of the park. The best thing about lengthening your run on that trail is that you won’t be bothered by cars at all.

Photography by Dana Kathryn

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