Truth in Joking?

“Off-comments are, often, painfully on.” – Chase March. 2004

I wrote that line in a journal a few years back. I had gotten into a bit of a disagreement with my girlfriend. I was trying to be witty and funny and made what I thought was an off-comment. I didn’t mean anything by it. It was only a joke.

She told me that, “there is a lot of truth in joking.”

Maybe she was right. I think sometimes when people make jokes, they might be trying to be hurtful or speak their mind. I wasn’t trying to do that. I was trying to get her to laugh. I loved her laugh. But I ended up offending her and I never wanted to do that.

What she said has stuck with me. My quotation from my journal has stayed with me as well. That is why it has become entry # 6 in my commonplace book.

One response to “Truth in Joking?”

  1. Heh, my experience with that was with a really good friend at the time. I used to joke about the fact that everyone thought we were a couple and it turns out that he had a major thing for me for the longest time. Heh… He used to say that too, there’s a lot of truth in joking.