Trees Vs Monsters

I wrote this story on Storybird. It is a pretty cool site that allows you to use images from a variety of artists to create your own digital book.

I hope you enjoy my story.

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4 responses to “Trees Vs Monsters”

  1. Hi Chase. What a cute story. And, I love the artwork you chose. The possibilities are endless to what we can create online. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. Hi Davina,

    Thanks for the comment. The possibilities are endless. I am going to let my students have a jab at this program to see what they can come up with too.

  3. Chase — Davina sent me to your site. I loved you book and the illustrations. I bet your students will LOVE this idea!!

    Part of the reason, I think Davina sent me to you is that I have been writing more stories on my blog and wrote one about a family of trees.

    I will check out Storybird:~)

  4. Hi Sara,

    Thanks. I wanted to write this story for some time but I couldn't think of a reason why trees don't walk around anymore. I think it took the art for me to come up with a good reason.

    I'm glad you enjoyed it. I will go check out your stories now.