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Transmedia 2.0

Transmedia 2.0 – How to Create an Entertainment Brand using a Transmedial Approach to Storytelling by Nuno Bernardo

I am interested in seeing just where all of this new media will take us in the future. Right now, it seems like a lot of it is just distraction. We waste time scrolling through images on InstagramTumblr, and Pinterest (why not waste yours following me?)

And we communicate through Twitter, email, and Facebook (reach out and connect with me!)

Wouldn’t it be great if this generation’s storytellers could figure out a way to tell their stories across these platforms?

The author of this book explains how he has done it and how you can too.

“Ninety per cent of the content created by traditional broadcasters and networks is still linear in format and geared toward television broadcasts.”

Transmedia hopes to change this by telling the whole story through the use of social media sites.

“Perhaps the biggest misconception in the entertainment industry is that people buy content when, in fact, we buy experiences. We buy content. The real value of content is not so much a function of the product itself, but what it means to us and how it mirrors the self back and makes our own lives seem infused with meaning.”

It makes sense to have a social media presence to help promote your work but imagine how your creative franchise could be further enhanced through these channels. The story could continue there or perhaps, even be told on these platforms.

“Stories have always been and always will be a socially inclusive art form. To create a successful transmedia franchise, it is crucial to prioritize the story of the brand and those elements of the narrative which draw people together and spur further discourse between them.”

And in so doing, we can increase the discourse and audience participation. What a great idea!

“As an industry, we need to stop thinking that everything we produce has a value that we should charge our audience for. I believe we should give away as much content as possible in order to create an engaging experience. By crafting this sort of emotive link  with our audience, we can establish a property’s real value and motivate our viewers to pay for our products and the premium entertainment experiences we provide.”

Some of our content should be free and easily accessible. That is how I have been operating for years. I give away my programming for free on the radio, podcast, and blog.

I hope I have been able to build an audience and a name for myself that will help me sell some of my creative work in the near future.

“The trick is to find where audiences already exist so that you can launch your story in the most productive space. Always try to activate your target audience by serving them where they are.”

I need to start telling transmedia tales. This is an exciting new frontier and we haven’t had a major cross-over success yet. Imagine that the next Harry Potter, Divergent, or Twilight gets its start in transmedia. I’m sure it’s only a matter of time!

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