Transformers Done Right

Transformers Volume 2: International Incident

The art in this trade paperback is absolutely gorgeous. I also love how they keep the original transformer characters looking like I remember them. There is even a nice joke about it thrown in.

It really makes no sense for the constructicons to be green and purple in colour but I wouldn’t want to see them any other way. The above joke makes the story work more effectively while paying homage to the original series and toys.

The comics do Transformers right and I really appreciate that.

Transformers Volume 3: The Revenge of the Decepticons

Megatron is back and he is more powerful than ever. He is actually scary in this book, much more so than he ever was as Galvatron in the second generation of the original cartoon series.

He is clever and cunning as well. I want to read the next issue because it looks like he might be able to pull off a victory. Not that I am routing for him mind you, but it does make for some great storytelling.

More proof that the best Transformer stories are happening in the comics.

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