Trails Open London THIS WEEKEND

Trails OpenI will be attending Trails Open London today and tomorrow. It is the inaugural event to celebrate The Forest City’s Natural Heritage.

I have already explored several of the trails in the area that are featured in today’s special event such as Warbler Woods, Sifton Bog, Meadowlilly Woods, and Kains Woods.

Please click on the links above to see a detailed tour of what each trail has to offer. Hopefully, you’ll find one you like and go check it out today.

Today, I am going to check out London Hyde Park Rotary Link. They have a geo-caching activity that sounds fun but I am just going to run the trail and see where it goes.

Tomorrow, I plan on discovering a brand new area and enjoying a trail run with a few fellow enthusiasts at Gibbon’s Park.

There is a cross-country run scheduled for 1:00 and another at 3:00. There is also a Kids Race at 2:00. And if running is not your thing, there are guided tours of the route and even a race-walking lesson. Sounds like a great afternoon. I plan on attending the 1:00 trail run at Gibbons Park.

I hope to see you there. Trails Open London – The official website with maps and details of the 16 different sites in London, Ontario, Canada this weekend.

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