Trails Open London – Hyde Park Rotary Trail

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Trails Open London promotes trail use, education, natural heritage conservation and stewardship, physical activity and a healthy lifestyle. In its inaugural year, Trails Open London will consist of trails, parks, Environmentally Significant Areas (ESAs), and private-sector sites and organizations that are environmentally focused.

Trails Open London, brought to you by London Heritage Council will provide an opportunity for all Londoners and visitors to access, discover, celebrate and learn to protect and steward the remarkable parks, ESAs and trails that exist in and around London. These significant green spaces and private-sector organizations/sites will be animated and will offer enhanced programming that will include, but not be limited to, hiking, environmental and natural heritage education, art walks, biking tours, bird watching, guided/self-guided tours, planting activities and geocaching.

Gainsborough Entrance

Yesterday, I announced that I was going to Gibbons Park for this event.

Unfortunately, I didn’t realize that Trails Open was a two-day event and that particular attraction was actually scheduled for Sunday. So, pleaseJoin Me at Gibbons Park Today for a nice trail run!

So with my plans seemingly thwarted, I heade over to the Dundas Street Festival downtown. It was a lot of fun and I will blog about that next week.

Trails Open is such a great concept though, I just had to hit up one of the spots today.

The above picture shows the entrance way to The Hyde Park Rotary Trail on Gainsborough Drive.

Gainsborough Pond

I was happy to see this body of water. It’s always nice to run along some kind of waterfront.

Hyde Park Trail Bridge

I crossed this bridge instead of taking the path on the other side of the pond.

Shaded trail

I love this shaded section of the trail.

The only problem was that the trail came to an end at Hyde Park Road after about 2 kilometers.

Something told me when I started off on this run that I should have explored the trail on the other side of the road.

Trails Open Hyde Park Trail

I didn’t know it at the time, but the trail continues much further if you head in the other direction.

Either way, it was a nice run and I discovered a new trail thanks to Trails Open London.


– there is a geocaching activity you can try here tomorrow

– or you can meet me a Gibbons Park and go for a run

– Find out more from London’s Heritage Council

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