Tracking a Mixset

You don’t need to have any special DJ gear to make a great mixtape these days. All you need is a computer and a free program that you can download.

In the last tuturial post, I showed you how to use Audacity to create a mixtape and how to match up the beats for a smooth and seamless mix. Today, I am going to show you how to turn your mix into a fully tracked album. This way, the songs will still blend together but each will have its own assigned track.


Once you have done this your mixtape will be ready to go. If you play music on the free VLC player, you’re all set. If you use Window’s Media Player, the mix will not be smooth. For some reason, that program will automatically put a few seconds of space in between each song.

If you want to make a CD of your mix, I recommend using iTunes. It’s a really simple process to make the tracks run seamlessly into each other without the annoying gap between songs. Here’s how to do it . . .

Making a mixtape on your computer is a great idea. It basically costs you nothing but your time and having the final product on CD makes it all worth while.

So go mix and have fun!