I write novels, screenplays, and works of non-fiction. I share my passion for writing with advice, tips, book reviews for writers, and more. This page will also feature any works in progress and samples of my work.

  • Pantsing the best way to write

    Pantsing is the Best Way to Write

    There are two types of writers. Those who extensively plan and those who start writing not entirely sure of where their words will take them. The former people are the ones who compose outlines and are sometimes referred to as plotters. The latter group are known as pantsers as they are seen as flying by […]

  • Read Daily - Teaching Tip

    Build Vocabulary by Reading an Article a Day

    I love when I get great teaching ideas from whatever is I am reading in my spare time. This one comes courtesy of Alan Gelb from his book, The Seven Steps to Confident Writing. I think I will make this a daily homework assignment next year. I very rarely assign homework. I think that if […]

  • Pantsing & Freestyling

    Don’t Plan Everything (Freestyling and Pantsing)

    I have a theory about writing and where ideas come from. It basically goes something like this, you can’t force it. You need to let an idea cook for a while before it is ready to come to life on the page. When I read Adam Grant’s book, Originals: How Non-Conformists Move the World, he […]

  • Seven Steps to Confident Writing Book Review

    Write With Confidence in 7 Steps

    Seven Steps to Confident Writing by Alan Gelb Everybody could benefit from learning how to express themselves clearly and persuasively in a piece of writing. Unfortunately, many of us see writing as “the thing we had to do back in school that we weren’t very good at it.” That is were Alan Gelb comes in. […]

  • Quotations in the Classroom

    Using Quotations in the Classroom

    Sometimes a quotation can spark a great discussion. Let’s see if we can ignite something today. You can pose these questions to your class, accompanied by the original quotation of course or simply ponder them yourself. “The greatest tragedy of mankind comes from the inability of people to have thoughtful disagreement to find out what’s […]

  • Idea's Float

    Ideas Float, Grab Them While You Can

    Denise Jaden has a theory.  She believes that “ideas float in the atmosphere, and they are fair game for anyone to grab and make use of.” This is sometimes referred to as the collective unconscious. It seems to be something that we can all tap into. There are so many ideas out there and if […]

  • Poem - Where Did the Words Go

    Where Did the Words Go

    Where did the words go? I can’t remember the last time I actually wrote something longer than a sentence or two on a social media post or a note to my spouse. When did my poetry slip away? I used to need it. To put words down on paper was not just a release but […]

  • RIP Stan Lee

    We’re All Part of the Universe (Writing and Discussion Prompt)

    Last week. we lost a creative genius who helped change the world with colourful characters and profound storytelling. Stan Lee created some of the best superheroes to ever grace the pages of comics, television, movies, and beyond. We will remember him and always treasure what we gave us. Rest in Peace, Stan Lee. This video […]

  • Feeding Your Flame (Student Writing Activity)

    Last week’s Will Smith video response activity was a success. I decided to try it again with another of his Instagram videos. This one has a few harsh phrases or words that might not be appropriate for your classroom (please watch it before you share it with your students) Please write a 2-3 paragraph response […]

  • Fault vs Responsibility (Student Response Activity)

    I am posting this edition of Teaching Tip Tuesdays as an activity you can do with your students. I will be doing this today with my class. If you try it out, let me know how it works in the comments below. Will Smith is an actor, rapper, and songwriter. This is one of his […]