Women in Hip-Hop

  • Celebrate International Women’s Day With WIHH6

    International Women’s Day is Tuesday March 8th. We are marking this special occasion with 7 hours of radio content focusing on the Women in Hip-Hop. It gets underway starting at midnight tonight on 94.9 CHRW. It’s our 6th Annual Women in Hip-Hop Spectacular and we have an exciting line-up of artist interviews, guest DJs, a […]

  • Know Your History 39 – Women in Hip-Hop (Radio Special)

    This episode of Know Your History, your monthly dose of hip-hop knowledge focuses on some notable Women in Hip-Hop. We look at the history of the women in hip-hop and feature tracks from Lil Kim, Foxy Brown, Missy Elliott, Eve, Rah Digga, Remy Ma, Nicki Minaj, and Angel Haze. This was part of Women in […]

  • Record Collecting for EVERYONE!

    Record Collecting for Girls by Courtney E. Smith Why would I read a book entitled, Record Collecting for Girls? Because Record Collecting is for Everybody! Just like feminism. Both of these are great books and while the former isn’t necessarily about feminism, it does touch on some major issues. Courtney E. Smith explains . . . […]

  • Women in Hip-Hop 5 (Complete Broadcast)

    Welcome to our 5th Annual Women in Hip-Hop Spectacular. 5 hours of radio shining a spotlight on hip-hop’s better half. We do this every single year on International Women’s Day to celebrate the female voices we have in hip-hop music and culture. This year’s show featured some mixsets by yours truly, a radio panel discussion […]

  • WIHH 4 – Complete Broadcast Download

    DOPEfm celebrates International Women’s Day every year by dedicating our entire overnight’s programming to the Women in Hip-Hop. Here is the easiest way to download DOPEfm’s Fourth Annual Women in Hip-Hop Special. These zipped files will give you all 8 parts of the show as they aired on 93.3 CFMU. WIHH 4 – Part 1 […]

  • WIHH4: Rapsody Spotlight

    We are continuing our coverage of Women in Hip-Hip 4, DOPEfm’s annual radio special to celebrate International Women’s Day. This is the last segment of the show and is a spotlight on one of the biggest talents in hip-hop music and culture. LoDo, who was on Our Roundtable Panel, had the chance to interview Rapsody. […]

  • WIHH4: Hip-Hop and Motherhood

    Welcome to Know Your History, your monthly dose of hip-hop knowledge. Today’s show is part of our 4th Annual Women in Hip-Hop Special. We celebrated International Women’s Day this year with over 7 hours of content dedicated to hip-hop’s better half. In this hour of radio, we look closely at motherhood. We talk to some […]

  • WIHH4: Dessa Spotlight

    We continue to celebrate International Women’s Day with our 4th Annual Women in Hip-Hop Spectacular. Dessa was part of our roundtable discussion and it was quite the lively conversation. We have her back for this hour of radio, to get more in-depth with her and her and amazing tunes . . . Call Off Your […]

  • WIHH4: All Female Hip-Hop Mixset

    Here is an hour-long mix focusing completely on hip-hop’s better half as we continue celebrating International Women’s Day with our 4th Annual Women in Hip-Hop Spectacular.  Press play and enjoy the tunes! Dynasty – Magnificent E-Turn – Manifest Tre-L – Broken Lasy ASG – Hip-Heart-Hop Shay D – A Year in My Thoughts Marco Polo […]

  • WIHH4: Women in Hip-Hop Roundtable Discussion

    Welcome back to the 4th Annual Women in Hip-Hop Radio Spectacular. Make sure you tune in to Silent Cacophony every day this week to catch all of the different segments from #WIHH4. Right now, we have an incredible discussion with a panel of hip-hop experts. Our Panel Today E-Turn is an emcee from Orlando, Florida. […]