Cross country running is one of my favourite activities. I love exploring a new trail, taking some pictures, and sharing my journey with you. Hopefully, you will discover a new trail to explore with these posts and photographic tours.

  • MacNaughton Morrison Trail Run

    Let’s explore the MacNaughton Morrison Trail in Exeter, Ontario. It starts out with a bit of a boardwalk and continues with this concrete one. There are distance markers throughout the route. Unfortunately, it is not a looped course, but there is still a lot to offer visually and it is definitely work a trip. There […]

  • Port Gratiot Trail

    Just across the border of Sarnia, Ontario is the small community of Port Gratiot. I decided to explore the nature preserve and walking trail because I like exploring new places to run and thought doing so in a different country would be a nice change of pace. The trail had regular distance markings along it, […]

  • Running Trails and Skateparks

    Running Trail Tours I love finding new places to run. I often take my camera along with me and stop every few minutes to snap a picture. This way I can present you with a photographic story that captures the scenery of my run. This page is a table of contents for these Photographic Tours. […]

  • Glen Rouge Trail – Toronto

    I had a good run through the Rouge Park Trails late in the summer and have been meaning to share the experience with you for a few months. The trail head starts just outside of Glen Rouge Campground in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. There is free parking there as well. I love being able to run […]

  • St Clair River Trail (Corunna, ON)

    The St. Claire River Trail is part of the larger Great Lakes Waterfront trail. Only portions of it run alongside the river. There are sections of the trail that detour onto neighbouring streets. My run  took me from the First Nation community, Aamjiwnaang, all the way to the small town of Corunna. I went for […]

  • Running Can be Terrible and Wonderful

    The Terrible and Wonderful Reasons Why I Run Long Distances by The Oatmeal When I saw this book, it called to me almost immediately. I love running and the title and art were quite compelling. Now, first off, I have to admit that I am not a long distance runner. I run for less than […]

  • The Dow Wetlands (Sarnia, ON)

    The Dow Wetlands is located at the corner of LaSalle Road and Highway 40 in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada. Today, I decided to go for a run around the trail there. There are plenty of places to take in the natural beauty of the wetland and enjoy a picnic. The trail runs alongside five ponds and […]

  • Medway Forest Trail (London, ON)

    Medway Forest Trail is a great place to run in London, Ontario, Canada. I started today’s run at Western University and ran for five kilometers. It’s quiet back here and the sounds of the city fade away as you get further into the woods. I always love being able to run alongside a river. There […]

  • Running Alongside the Ausable River Cut

    I love finding new places to run and explore. I had no idea what to expect when I started off on this run through Ausable River Cut Conservation Area. It was quite beautiful  running alongside the river, with some nice places to stop and take it all in, including this look-out. I like when there […]

  • Laurier Creek Trail Run (Waterloo, ON)

    I found myself in Waterloo yesterday and decided to run this trail. Even though I knew nothing about it, how long it was, or where it headed. The sign gave me lots of information, however. I knew that the trail was two kilometers long and that this run would probably be around five kilometers total. […]