I am an avid reader and love writing book reviews. Hopefully you will find your next great read here. I read a little bit of everything including comics and graphic novels, YA and children’s literature, non-fiction, and more.

  • Conducting Music with Michael Miller (Transcript and Podcast)

    This is Part 2 of an exclusive interview I did with Michael Miller, author of The Complete Idiots Guide to Conducting Music. If you missed Part 1, you can go back and read it now. You can also listen to the interview for free. Stream it with the player below or download it to listen […]

  • Ender in Exile (Recommended Read)

    Ender’s Game is a science fiction classic and its sequel, which takes place some 3000 years later, is equally amazing. The original books came out in the mid 1980s and sparked an entire series of novels. So far, there have been eight in total. I found this hardcover of Ender in Exile in the discount […]

  • Graphic Novels of 2012 (Part 3)

    I am blogging everything I read over the course of this year. It’s a pretty impressive list and it is continuing to grow. Here are the latest graphic novels that I have read this year. Marvel 1985 by Mark Millar and Tommy Lee Edwards This graphic novel was originally published as a six-issue series in […]

  • Write Dangerously with Barbara Abercrombie (Author Interview and Podcast)

    Chase: “All right everybody, this is Chase March and I have Barbara Abercrombie on the phone, author of A Year of Writing Dangerously:365 Days of Inspiration and Encouragement. Download the podcast of this interview for free, stream it with the player below, or keep reading the transcript. I think this is a book that a […]

  • 2012 – The Year of the Book

    I am continuing my mission to document every single book that I read over the course of the year. Here are the latest editions to an already large list. Fanstatic Four by J. Michael Straczynski and Mike McKone This is the first story arc by the new creative team behind the first family of super-heroes, […]

  • What I Talk About When I Run

    I am a middle distance runner. I normally run anywhere from 5 to 10 kilometers at a time. I keep a pretty fast pace and have a long stride. As such, I can run a kilometer in about four minutes and a mile in about six. I can maintain that pace for about forty minutes. […]

  • Recommended Read – The Book Thief

    When I was getting close to the ending of The Book Thief, part of me wanted to put the book down, and not because the story didn’t hold my interest. Quite the opposite actually. I had really been enjoying the story and the great writing style. I enjoyed the first person narration from a very unlikely source. […]

  • The Band Plays On (An interview with author Rick Niece)

    All right everybody, this is Chase March and I have an author on the phone, Rick Niece. You can listen to the podcast of this interview with the player below, or you can download it for free to listen to at your leisure. So, how’s it going Rick?” Rick: “It’s going well, Chase. What a […]

  • Latest Reads of 2012

    I love to read. I always have, but this year I have decided to actually keep track of everything I read over the course of the year. So far I have read 28 titles. That includes graphic novels, memoirs, novels, and some teaching material. It’s time to add to the list and bring the total […]

  • My List of 2012 Reads

    I read a lot, but I have never really kept track of it in any sort of reading log. Also, since I don’t buy books very often, I don’t have a bookcase to display what I have read. As such, I’ve decided to keep track of everything I read over the course of this year […]