Mastermind Street Jam

The Mastermind Street Jam is an iconic radio program that aired from 1994-2001 on Energy 108. I recorded the program faithfully and digitized the tapes. There are over 100 episodes archived here.

  • Mastermind Street Jam – WC and Maad Circle

    Digitized cassette tape of iconic radio show – check! Proper track listing – check! Interview not edited out – check! Dope live radio – always with the Mastermind Street Jam  This is Tape 19 of my extensive collection and it features a live interview with WC and the Maad Circle. I have a lot more of […]

  • Mastermind Street Jam – Live Via Satellite

    This is Tape 18 of my collection of Mastermind Street Jam cassettes taped directly from the radio back in the mid 1990s. This was required listening every week and I rocked with the tapes for weeks afterward. Free mixtapes! Yes, sir! I even completed the j-card for the first time with this tape. Original air […]

  • Taking it Back with The Mastermind Street Jam

    The Mastermind Street Jam was a great radio show that was broadcast on Energy 108 back in the mid 1990s. I taped the show religiously and have managed to hold on to most of the cassettes from back then. This is Tape 17 of my collection and the first one that I attempted to do […]

  • Mastermind Street Jam #16

    This episode of the Mastermind Street Jam is from August 26, 1995 and features an interview with independent hip-hop group Cipher. It was originally broadcast on Energy 108 and was digitized from a cassette tape in my collection. I love hip-hop mixshows and this is one of my all-time favourite programs. It’s really cool to […]

  • Mastermind Street Jam – Jan 28, ’95

    I’m not sure how I numbered these tapes wrong. Last week, I shared Tape 14 of my Mastermind Street Jam collection. That one was from April, but Tape 15 is from January? I’m confused. Sorry for not getting these all in chronological order. I thought they were. Oh well, we still get to enjoy some […]

  • Mastermind Street Jam – April 15, 1995

    This is Part 14 of my extensive collection of the Mastermind Street Jam, an amazing radio show that was broadcast on 107.9 fm back in the 1990s. The station reached much of Southern Ontario and even parts of the USA. Mastermind mixtapes were legendary too. Enjoy the classic, golden-era hip-hop! And let me know if […]

  • Mastermind Street Jam – April 1, 1995

    Mastermind Street Jam was appointment radio in the mid 1990s. Here’s the 13th tape from my collection. It featured an interview with Naughty by Nature. I chopped the interview a bit, unfortunately. I wish I had kept it for historical purposes. Instead, I wanted mostly music on the cassette so I could rock with it […]

  • Mastermind Street Jam – Tape 12

    It’s time for another edition of Mastermind Mondays. Here is Tape 12 from my extensive collection of The Mastermind Street Jam that aired on Energy 108 in the 1990s. Press play and get transported back in time to hear some classic tracks mixed live on the radio. Original air date – Saturday March 18, 1995 […]

  • Mastermind Street Jam #11 – Feb 18, 1995

    Mastermind starts off this edition of the Mastermind Street Jam with an “old to the new school” mixset where he plays older tracks from some artists you might not have heard when they started their rap careers. He plays a crew by the name of Deuces Wild which introduced Nine Double M. And he throws […]

  • Mastermind Tape 10 – Best of 1994

    I almost forgot that today was Monday. That’s why I am late with the tenth edition of Mastermind Mondays.  This show is a special best of 1994 edition of the Mastermind Street Jam that aired on the now defunct Energy 108, broadcasting out of Burlington, Ontario, Canada. I recorded this one a 120 minute cassette so […]