Hip Hop HeadUcatorz

  • Dangerous Minds – A Radio Panel with Hip Hop Headucatorz

    The National Arts Centre in Ottawa hosted a two-week event and it was absolutely incredible. I was fortunate enough to be part of a panel called “Dangerous Minds: In Conversation with Hip Hop Headucatorz.” I brought my turntables to spin some music before the panel so people could get familiar with our music. After the […]

  • Hip Hop Headucatorz New Song + Resource “School Power!”

    School Power is a song by Hip Hop Headucatorz that brings classroom and school objects to life through the power of personification. Each verse comes from the perspective of a different school object. Some of the objects help and some might actual hinder the learning process. The song is accompanied with ready-to-use resources for your […]

  • Workshops for Educators (Headucatorz at RFTLOI 2024)

    Reading for the Love of It is the largest literacy conference in Canada. Teachers, educators, librarians, and anyone interested in promoting literacy and inspiring the youth can come to experience a wide variety of speakers and workshops. I am proud to be presenting two workshops for educators at this event with my group, Hip Hop Headucatorz. […]

  • I was on CBC Radio with Hip Hop Headucatorz

    I was a special guest last week on CBC Radio’s Ottawa Morning. It was absolutely incredible to be in that studio and to be part of the Hip Hop Theatre Fest in our nation’s capital. My group, Hip Hop Headucatorz was invited to be the focus of a panel about using Hip Hop in Education. […]

  • Hip Hop Headucatorz in Ottawa (This Weekend’s Hip Hop Fest)

    The National Arts Centre in Ottawa is hosting an amazing event over the span of eleven days and my group is proud to be part of it. The Hip Hop Theatre Festival will feature live performances, rap battles, panel discussions, and more. Some of the events are ticketed by many of them are free, including our panel Dangerous Minds: In […]

  • New Music + Video – Favourite Teacher

    Every year, my rap group, Hip Hop Headucatorz, celebrates World Teachers’ Day by dropping new music. This year, our song looks at the influence our favourite teachers have had on us. The idea for this video was sparked by a real episode of Wheel of Fortune. We recreated the puzzle in a fun way to feature the Headucatorz who […]

  • Hip Hop Headucatorz Teach Math (Music – Video – Resources)

    I’m so proud of this project. We worked on it a long time to bring Hip Hop into the classroom. This multimedia project will help you teach mathematics in a fun and engaging way. The Math Album by Hip Hop Headucatorz helps students learn all about the four basic operations of mathematics. Seven songs teach the concepts of […]

  • The Math Album by Hip Hop Headucatorz (Music + Resources)

    What Math Has For You is the introductory track to The Math Album, a project that Hip Hop Headucatorz have created for teachers to use in their classroom. Not only are there seven songs based on the four operations in mathematics, but there are ready-to-use resources for your classroom, too. First off, there are lyric videos that help illustrate […]

  • Hip Hop HeadUcatorz “Litres of Leaders” ft Dinco D (Leaders of the New School)

    Every year for World Teacher’s Day, Hip Hop HeadUcatorz release a special track to mark the occasion. The theme this year is leadership so we collaborated with a special guest who knows a lot about the topic, Dinco D of the legendary group Leaders of the New School. Let’s celebrate the teachers who work hard to build a culture that […]

  • That Bitter Sweet Feeling as the School Year Closes

    The school year drawing to a close often leaves me with a feeling of melancholy. It’s hard to explain exactly why. I tried my best to do that with this song. I hope the bitter sweet feeling comes through in the lyrics and the soulful hook sung by the apologette. This single also comes with […]