Hear This

  • Write About Now (Free Download)

    This is the first album I ever released commercially. That actually was my skateboard at the time as well. I just put the logo sticker on it and my uncle took this shot for the CD cover. I redid the back cover this week and changed the copyright information. I don’t mind if people download […]

  • New Vs Old Album Review

    I have a review up on The Word is Bond site today. It is for the album “New Vs Old” by IV the Polymath. It’s the first review I have ever written for an instrumental hip-hop album. Head on over there and check it out. You can listen to a few of the tracks and […]

  • Hear This – Brilliant Tribe Called Quest Mix

    I love A Tribe Called Quest. So when I saw a best-of mixtape, I thought I’d give it a chance. I have all of their records but I thought it might be nice to bump this mix in the car. I’m so glad I downloaded it. This mixtape starts off perfectly. DJ M-Rock cuts some […]

  • Hear This – Cradle Orchestra

    I came across this amazing album by Cradle Orchestra quite by chance. Sometimes all it takes is a name or a creative album cover to catch my attention. This one certainly did that. It’s called “Transcended Elements.” As I scanned the tracklisting, I was intrigued to see the line up of notable emcees featured on […]

  • Hear This – Earthworthy

    Some of the best music is quite literally hiding. This is definitely the case when it comes to female emcees. That’s why I am working hard to bring exposure to this often over-looked aspect of hip-hop culture. I discovered this album quite by accident earlier this summer. I was drawn to it by the cover, […]